4-Day Coast to Cabo

A motorcycle tour for all level of riders who want to explore Palomino, Cabo de la Vela and more.
Difficulty level: Beginner-Intermediate
Distance covered: 680km
Riding hours: 18
Terrain: 80% paved, 20% unpaved

Day 1

Start: 9am
Where: Santa Marta - Riohacha
Riding hours: 4
Highlights Include:

  • Taking the back roads through Paso del Mango.
  • Wood-fired, Italian pizza with Prima Luna Restaurant
  • Sunset on the Riohacha boardwalk.
  • Spending the night at Happiness Hostel, the best in Riohacha.

Day 2

Riding hours: 5
Where: Riohacha - Cabo de la Vela
Highlights Include:

  • Winding trails and desert flats through the desert.
  • Entering the desert through Cabo de la Vela.
  • Fresh seafood and cheap beers for dinner.

Day 3

Riding hours: 5
Where: Cabo de la Vela - Riohacha
Highlights Include:

  • Riding tour of the Indigenous salt flats in Manaure.
  • Late seafood lunch at Mayapo beach.
  • Watching the setting sun from the Riohacha boardwalk.

Day 4

Riding hours: 5
Where: Riohacha - Santa Marta
Highlights Include:

  • The traditional fishing town of Dibulla.
  • Riding through the breathtaking Sierra Nevada mountains.
  • Lunch on the beach at La Brisa Tranquila.
  • Swimming and cliff jumping at Quebrada Valencia.

Finish: 3pm

Price: $619 USD / 1.900.000 COP

More time on a bike = more fun. Check out some of our longer tours!

Whats Included:

  • Honda XR150 dual sport
  • Gasoline
  • English/Spanish speaking guides
  • All Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinners
  • All Accommodation
  • Entrance fees to all attractions
  • Helmet, riding gloves 
  • Medical insurance

Optional Extras:

  • UPGRADE to Honda XRE300 dual sport: 100.00 COP/Day ($35 USD)
  • Passenger: 175.000 COP/Day ($60 USD) 
  • GoPro & helmet mount: 25.000 COP/Day SD-card not included
  • Elbow & knee pads: 20.000 COP/Day
  • Riding boots:  30.000 COP/Day
  • Rain gear: 10.000 COP/Day
  • Onsite accommodation pre/post tour 

What to Bring:

  • Driver's licence
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Long pants
  • Boots or closed-toe shoes
  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Alcohol and souvenir money