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For riders with experience on small bikes over long distances. See the whole coast with a mix of on and off-road.

Day 1

Start: 9am
Where: Santa Manta - Minca
Riding hours: 5

We will meet at our office at 9 AM to finalise the paperwork, get everyone set up on their motorcycles, and get fitted for safety equipment. We will then set off for our first day up into the mountains. Today is an enduro riding feast, with around 5 hours of off road tracks heading up into the mountains of Minca. After a day of exploring waterfalls, hidden single tracks, and breathtaking mountain views, we will retire to our peaceful home in the jungle, Casas Viejas, perched 1,000 meters above sea level. Award winning beers on tap, we’ll want a few. Accomodation: Casas Viejas, Minca

Day 2

Where: Minca - Los Naranjos
Riding hours: 7

Getting out of bed at 4:00 is always a challenge, but the night ride and sunrise 3,000m up in the mountains is definitely worth it. We watch the sun come up over the snowy mountains at Cerro Kennedy, the highest accessible point in the Sierra Nevada mountain range (the highest coastal mountain range in the world). After the sun is up, we head back down to Casas Viejas for a well earned big breakfast, then normally a couple hour nap, before cruising back down the mountain to our favorite Colombian barbecue joint. After a quick bite we will say bye to the mountains and head up the coast to our hostel set on the edge of the picturesque Parque Tayrona. Plan for a great sunset! Accomodation: The Journey Hostel: Los Naranjos

Day 3

Where: Los Naranjos - Buritaca
Riding hours: 5
Today starts with a 3 hour offroad loop up into the Sierra Nevada mountains. The loop takes us up 1,200m above sea level, and will test your off road ability with sandy patches, grassy plains, rocky climbs, river crossings and more. We get to our hostel, El Rio, a bit early today and trade in our bikes for some inflatable tubes and a cooler full of beer. Here we go for a short hike up the river for a 1-2 hour float back down, sipping beers along the way. Accomodation: El Rio Hostel, Buritaca

Day 4

Where: Rest Day
Riding hours: 20 Minutes
We have a short 20 minute ride to get to our destination for our rest day today.  We will be spending the day relaxing at the popular Cayena Beach Villa. A 10 room resort right on the beach. Hands down the best hotel on the coast. Beach front property, private pool, and some of the best food on the coast. Decide how you want to spend the day: whether it be sunbathing on the beach, surfing in the beautiful Carribean Ocean, or getting a massage poolside.

Day 5

Where: Mendihuaca- Cabo de la Vela
Riding hours: 7

Time to head into the desert! We will take off after breakfast to start our journey further north. We will ride along the coast past a bunch of little towns lining the ocean. Our first stop will be at a salt production complex in Manaure. After this we will spend a few more hours getting to our destination for the night, Cabo de la Vela, where we arrive a couple hours before sunset. Accomodation: Hospedaje Monaco, Cabo de la Vela 

Day 6

Where: Cabo de la Vela - Punta Gallinas

Riding hours: 6

Get ready for a big day of riding as we rise early and get on our bikes to cross the sand covered roads to the northernmost tip of South America. Rarely visited by the average traveller, and certainly not on motorcycle, Punta Gallinas is considered to be one of the most exotic destinations in Colombia. From the rolling sand dunes and turquoise water to the sacred indigenous cultures. There are plenty of local attractions to keep us busy for the day. The riding today is epic. Flat out over hard, sandy plains, ducking in and out between cactus fields and rocky mountain climbs are the order of the day. Accomodation: Hospedaje Alexandria, Punta Gallinas 

Day 7

Where: Punta Gallinas - Riohacha
Riding hours: 6 hours

We will wake up today and say adios to the northern tip as we start venturing back down south to Riohacha. But first we will visit Playa Taroa, a remote beach where massive sand dunes dramatically drop off into the sea. Here you can slide straight down the dunes plunging into the refreshing water. Accomodation: Happiness Hostel, Riohacha

Day 8

Where: Riohacha - Santa Marta

Riding hours: 3.5

On our last day we will head out of the desert and back to the coconut palms and tropical Caribbean weather. Today will be a welcome smaller riding day after the previous few days of tough riding through the desert. We leisurely make our way back along the coast, stopping in at Dibulla, a traditional Colombian fishing village, and checking out the Mendihuaca waterfall, complete with a 12m cliff jump for those that dare. We will finish off with the last hour back into Santa Marta where we will have some well-deserved cold beers waiting for us.

Finish: 3pm - 4pm



What's Included

  • Honda XR150 dual sport 

  • Gasoline

  • English/Spanish speaking guides

  • Lunch

  • Entrance fees to all attractions

  • Helmet, riding gloves 

  • Medical insurance

  • 7 Nights 2 PAX Shared Private Accommodation

  • All breakfast, lunch, & dinner

Optional Extras

  • UPGRADE to Honda XRE300 dual-sport: $250 USD

  • Private Room Accommodation: $225 USD

  • Passenger: $750 USD

  • GoPro & helmet mount: $50 USD (SD-card not included)

  • Elbow & knee pads: $50 USD

  • Riding boots:  $75 USD

  • Rain Gear: $30

  • Onsite accommodation pre/post tour 

What to Bring

  • Driver's license

  • Sunscreen

  • Insect repellent

  • Long pants

  • Boots or closed-toed shoes

  • Swimsuit

  • Towel

  • Alcohol and souvenir money

Carrera 21 #20-36

Barrio Jardín

Santa Marta, Magdalena

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