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Adrenaline Addicts was founded on the belief that you don't need a massive bike or wallet to be able to explore a country on two wheels. After many years on Colombia's north coast, it became obvious to us that the best way to get around and see the diversity this region has to offer is by motorcycle. In December 2022 we opened two new branches in Medellin and San Gil, to broaden our reach of the Adrenaline Experience.  We love what we do and we want everybody else to as well. We aim to make visiting us an experience of a lifetime for every level of rider, from the first-timer on a scooter to the experienced motorcycle traveler. After all, it doesn't matter where you're from or what you ride, all that matters is peace, love, and motorcycles.

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Since 2016 Adrenaline Addicts has offered all-inclusive motorcycle tours and motorcycle rentals along Colombia's northern coast. Our founders started out as travelers just passing through, but fell in love with Colombia and made their stay permanent. Being the very first motorcycle tour company in Santa Marta, our team has the most extensive knowledge of the surrounding area and many untouched places to share with you. We teamed up with new partners in Medellin and San Gil to provide even more unforgettable routes around the country.  Our guides are extensively trained to give you the support you need while they show you the real Colombia. Fun, smart, and travel-obsessed, these guys will be your friends as well as your guides.

International ADRENALINE Representatives

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Abed Raouf: +61 434 359 402

Abed is the perfect representative for Adrenaline Addicts in the land down under. A veteran of innumerable motorcycle adventures through Turkey, Vietnam and Australia, Abed has a wealth of experience traversing foreign lands on two wheels. He is a well-respected and loved character in the Perth Adventure Rider community, and is a welcome addition to any tour group making the long journey over from Australia.


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