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Adrenaline FAQ

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How do I reserve a bike?

You can reserve a bike by sending us an email, whatsapp, or by giving us a call. To confirm the reservation we take a 20% deposit.


Is medical insurance included in tours and rentals?


        Yes! We have medical insurance that covers your medical expenses in any motorcycle related             injury.

How far in advance should I book?

        During busy months (July-August and December to March) we recommend booking as far in              advance as possible. If you are looking for a tour we recommend one month in advance or                more as accommodation is ha

What is the rental period for the motorbike?


Our rental period is from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. You are welcome to keep the bike as long as you want, and we offer discounts for 5+ day rentals.


Which difficulty level is suitable for me?

Beginner: Zero motorcycle experience required. Lessons are compulsory for first time riders and included for free in the tour price, or you may ride an automatic scooter.

: Comfortable riding a motorcycle on sealed roads, in moderate-heavy traffic, on mildly uneven/ unsealed roads, and up to 4-5 hours per day. You may require minor assistance in some harder off-road sections.

: Extensive riding experience (including a minimum 1 year off-road). You are comfortable riding on almost any terrain in any weather conditions for up to 6 hours per day. You can check out our advanced off-road motorcycle tours here.


How do I get to your office?

Santa Marta: We are a short 7,000 COP taxi away from the center. Our office is located at Carrera 21 #20 -36 in Bario Jardin.

Cartagena: Your best bet for transportation to and from Cartagena is with Marsol or Berlinas. Both have comfortable shuttle vans, and Marsol even offers door to door service. Usually the journey takes about 4 hours.


Where should I stay before/after the tour?

Party Hostel: Brisa Loca

Chill Hostel: Republika

Mid Range Hotel: Casa Carolina

Higher End: Marriot / Hilton / Don Pepe


What happens if I have mechanical issues with my motorcycle/scooter?

Just give us a call. 90% of the time we can walk you through how to fix the issue over the phone. In the case you can not get the bike fixed, we will send a mechanic out to fix the bike / swap bikes with you.


What documents are required to rent a motorcycle/scooter?

In Colombia you do not need an international driver's license when you are in the country on a tourist visa. Bikes 124cc and below do not require a motorcycle endorsement.


Can I store my big luggage at your office while on our trip?

Absolutely! We have a secure luggage area inside the hostel


Can I cross borders on the motorcycles?

Due to insurance and security reasons, the motorcycles can not leave Colombia.

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