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El Cocuy Adventure


Moto Tour Details

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For adventurous riders who want to get off the beaten track and see some of the most unique landscapes in the country

Day 1

Start: 9am
Where: San Gil - Onzaga
Riding hours: 4
Highlights Include:

  • Cool off at Monas swimming hole.

  • Visit el Hoyo de los Pájaros, a sinkhole that has developed its own ecosystem inside.

  • Lunch in the quaint and colorful San Joaquín.

  • Twisty mountain roads up to Onzaga.

Day 2

Where: Onzaga - Güicán
Riding hours: 5
Highlights Include:

  • Riding over the mountain pass to Soatá.

  • Delicious local lunch in Boavita.

  • Hours of incredible views throughout the climb up into the Cocuy national park.

  • Overnight in a mountain hotel above Güicán.

Day 3

Where: Güicán - Laguna de Ortíces
Riding hours: 5
Highlights Include:

  • Early morning views of the Cocuy snow peaks.

  • Head into the Chicamocha Canyon.

  • Quick lunch stopover in Molagavita.

  • Continue traversing the canyon to the Laguna de Ortíces.

  • Spend the night by a beautiful, warm water lagoon.

Day 4

Where: Laguna de Ortíces - San Gil
Riding hours: 5
Highlights Include:

  • Wake up with a swim in the lagoon.

  • Ride out through San Andrés and Los Curos.

  • Descend down into the Chicamocha Canyon. and back up the other side to Aratoca.

  • Lunch at the famous Chiflas restaurant.

  • Wash the dirt off at Pescaderito swimming hole before returning to San Gil.


Finish: 3pm - 4pm


What's Included

  • Honda XR150 dual-sport

  • Gasoline

  • English/Spanish-speaking guides

  • All breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  • Entry fee to Cocuy National Park

  • Waterfall, lagoon, and swimming-hole entrance

  • Helmet, riding gloves 

  • Medical insurance

  • Shared room accommodation
    (Private rooms from $100 USD)

Optional Extras

  • Support Truck: $800 USD (split among group)

  • Passenger: $369 USD 

  • GoPro & helmet mount: $55 USD

  • Elbow & knee pads: $15 USD

  • Body Armor: $15 USD

  • Riding boots: $30 USD

  • Full Gear Kit: $45 USD

  • Rain gear: $10 USD

What to Bring

  • Driver's license

  • Passport

  • Sunscreen

  • Insect repellent

  • Long pants

  • Boots or closed-toed shoes

  • Swimsuit

  • Towel

  • Alcohol and souvenir money

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