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Punta Gallinas


Moto Tour Details

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Rarely visited by the average traveler, and certainly not on motorcycles, Punta Gallinas is considered to be one of the most exotic destinations in Colombia. From the rolling sand dunes and turquoise water to the sacred indigenous cultures. There are plenty of local attractions to keep us busy for the day. The riding today is epic. Flat out over hard, sandy plains, ducking in and out between cactus fields and rocky mountain climbs are the order of the day. 

Day 1

Start: 9am
Where: Santa Manta - Manaure
Riding hours: 6
Highlights Include:

  • Taking the back roads through Paso del Mango.

  • Visit the traditional fishing town of Dibulla for a Colombian style lunch.

  • Riding tour around the salt flats of Manaure.

  • Watch the sunset on the beach in Manaure.

Day 2

Where: Manaure - Cabo de la Vela
Riding hours: 6
Highlights Include:

  • Winding trails and desert flats on the way through the desert.

  • Entering the desert through Cabo de la Vela.

  • Ride around Cabo de la Vela and visit all the local spots.

  • Fresh seafood for lunch and dinner.

Day 3

Where: Cabo de a Vela - Punta Gallinas
Riding hours: 5
Highlights Include:

  • Get ready for some amazing desert riding as we set off first thing in the morning.

  • Take in the views and take a dip in the ocean at theEl Toroa sand dunes.

  • Reach the most northern tip of South America and enjoy the late afternoon ride into our hospedaje.

Day 4

Where: Punta Gallinas- Riohacha
Riding hours: 4
Highlights Include:

  • Finish off the desert with some breathtaking views as we head out of the desert and back into civilization.

  • Enjoy the rofftop pool at Laguna Sala and have a few drinks at one of the bars on the beach.

Day 5

Where: Riohacha- Santa Marta
Riding hours: 5
Highlights Include:

  • Riding through the breathtaking Sierra Nevada mountains.

  • Lunch at Journey Hostel

  • Swimming and cliff jumping at Mendihuaca Waterfalls.

  • Finish Time: 4 pm


What's Included

  • Honda XR150 dual-sport 

  • Gasoline

  • English/Spanish speaking guides

  • Entrance fees to all attractions

  • Helmet, riding gloves 

  • Medical insurance

  • Accommodation in a shared private.  (Upgrade to single private $65 USD)

  • All breakfast, lunch and dinner

Optional Extras

  • UPGRADE to Honda XRE300 dual-sport: $146 USD

  • Support Truck: $1,000 USD (split among group)

  • Passenger: $367 USD 

  • GoPro & helmet mount: $55 USD

  • Elbow & knee pads: $25 USD

  • Body Armor: $25 USD

  • Riding boots: $40 USD

  • Full Gear Kit: $55 USD

  • Rain gear: $10 USD

  • Onsite accommodation pre/post tour 

What to Bring

  • Driver's license

  • Sunscreen

  • Insect repellent

  • Long pants

  • Boots or closed-toed shoes

  • Swimsuit

  • Towel

  • Alcohol and souvenir money

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